The Experiment

Vehicle interior air quality

After several team members attended the Routes to Clean Air conference in October 2018, there has been a lot of conversation in the office around one of the key topics discussed during the event – Vehicle Interior Air Quality. This presentation was given by National Air Quality Testing Services (NAQTS) and provided thought-provoking information around our understanding of indoor air quality within vehicles.

Vehicle Interior Air Quality

According to NAQTS, the average person will spend more than 90% of their day indoors, with at least one hour of this inside a vehicle. Given that a lot of the time spent in automobiles is likely to be spent sitting in traffic or in close proximity to other transport, the impacts associated with exposure to poor air quality have the potential to be significant.

The Experiment

Intrigued by the idea that we could be exposing ourselves to high levels of nitrogen dioxide or other pollutants on our daily commute to work, we decided to undertake a small air quality monitoring experiment to further investigate the subject. Diffusion tubes have been installed within eight cars, all belonging to staff members at Redmore Environmental, and will stay there for a month. We’ll be looking at the effects of average miles driven and the route taken, on the levels of nitrogen dioxide within each vehicle.

Although this is an experiment to cure our curiosity, rather than provide scientifically sound data, we’re expecting some interesting results that may influence the way we travel to work! Stay tuned for the outcome.

If you’re concerned about Indoor Air Quality at your property or place of work, or would like to discuss our experiment in more detail, then please get in touch with us today.

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