Redmore Environmental has specialist knowledge of Odour Assessment and Monitoring, with our odour consultants having been involved in the production of industry guidance. We can now utilise this experience to ensure the best outcome for your project.

Odour Assessment Services

Redmore Environmental is able to provide all aspects of odour assessment, including:

Our odour consultants have delivered all kinds of odour impact assessments. These have been undertaken both in support of new sites and to investigate issues surrounding existing emissions. We can now apply this extensive experience to address the specific problems you are facing.

Why undertake Odour Assessments?

Odour can be a highly subjective issue and one that can cause significant issues for sensitive individuals. Firstly, consideration of the affect of development proposals on surrounding receptors may be required. Whilst secondly, identifying and assessing potential site constraints due to odourous land uses may also be necessary.

Redmore Environmental has significant experience of predicting odour impacts from future situations, as well as assessing current problems. This includes utilisation of odour dispersion modelling, risk assessment, measurement and survey techniques to ensure the most appropriate methodology is used to solve your specific issues. Working with other industry specialists, we are also able specify industrial abatement measures. This can both control emissions and satisfy the concerns of regulators.

Odour Experts

We have in-depth understanding of odour emissions and atmospheric chemistry. This means we are able to carefully focus the scope of your odour impact assessment. As a result, we can utilise our full suite of dispersion modelling software and survey techniques to ensure regulatory obligations are fulfilled and project aims achieved.

We have completed Odour Assessments for a wide variety of clients with differing project aims. These have included:

  • Dispersion modelling of sewage treatment works to determine constraints to nearby residential development
  • Field Odour Surveys to determine impacts from existing hot food takeaways
  • Production of Odour Management Plans for waste facilities, agricultural sites and anaerobic digestion plants
  • Odour monitoring to quantify emission rates from biofilters, carbon filters and other abatement plant
  • Risk assessment of emissions from food production facilities

We are now able to utilise our previous experience to provide the right solution for your project.

Visit our case studies to review successfully completed projects such as Odour Impact Assessments for Oak Lane, Calf Heath and Anstey Lane, Leicester, as well as a kitchen odour assessment for an artisan bakery in Camden, London.

For further information on how we can assist with your project or to request a quote, please call today or contact us online.

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