A Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment can be required to quantify releases associated with a development and demonstrate compliance with relevant local and national climate change policies. Our specialist Air Quality Consultants have extensive experience of calculating greenhouse gas emissions from a wide range of activities. They can now use this knowledge to ensure a successful planning outcome for your scheme.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment Services

Our team at Redmore Environmental can assist with all aspects of a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment, including:

  • Input into Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) screening and scoping exercises
  • Baseline studies to quantify greenhouse gas emissions as result of the current use of a site
  • Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions as a result of construction activities
  • Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions during the operation of a development
  • Identification of appropriate mitigation to off-set or reduce releases associated with a project
  • Preparation of technical reports and EIA Chapters
  • Development of bespoke assessments to address specific concerns raised by the local authority, public or any other interested party
  • Development of project emissions inventories

If your project requires a service not listed above, then please get in touch with one of our specialist Air Quality Consultants who can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Why Undertake a Greenhouse Gas Assessment?

Increased emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere has directly correlated with climate change. These have led to significant consequences in recent years, with environmental effects such as extreme temperature variations, powerful storms and flooding becoming more common place. The UK Government has responded by declaring a ‘climate emergency‘, and subsequently implementing an ambitious strategy to help key sectors, including power, industry and transport, achieve a target of net zero by 2050. In addition, there is now a requirement for Local Planning Authorities to consider reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and resilience to climate change impacts when preparing Local Plans and determining planning applications. Proposals for developments are therefore becoming increasingly scrutinised to ensure compliance with relevant national and local climate change polices. A Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment undertaken by a specialist Air Quality Consultant can therefore ensure a smooth planning decision for your scheme.

Atmospheric Emissions Experts

Redmore Environmental’s dedicated team can work with you to produce a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment for your site. We have supported a diverse range of schemes, including residential, employment, industrial and commercial. This knowledge will ensure you receive the best possible greenhouse gas consultancy, leading to a successful planning outcome for your project.

Get in touch  with one of our specialist Air Quality Consultants today to find out more about how we can help you with a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment for your scheme.