Submitting Environmental Permit Applications can be a daunting task, with many complex and technical inputs required from the regulators. Redmore Environmental can relieve you of this burden, producing as much or as little of the application as you wish. This guarantees help where and when you need it to ensure a compliant submission first time.

Environmental Permitting Services

Redmore Environmental is able to provide input at all stages of an Environmental Permit Application. Our areas of speciality cover:

  • Production and management of bespoke and standard rules Environmental Permit Applications and Variations
  • Completion of Environment Agency and Local Authority application forms
  • H1 Environmental Risk Assessment
  • H5 Site Condition Reports
  • Best Available Technique Assessments
  • Dispersion Modelling of atmospheric emissions
  • Noise Assessment in accordance with H3 Guidance
  • Odour Assessment in accordance with H4 Guidance
  • Bioaerosol Assessments and monitoring
  • Dust and Odour Management Plans
  • Air quality and noise monitoring
  • OPRA calculations
  • SCAIL Screening Assessments
  • Development of Environmental Management Systems
  • Production of Fire Prevention Plans
  • Development of Accident Management Plans
  • Production of Emissions Inventories and Monitoring Plans
  • Ammonia Assessments
  • Climate Change Risk Assessment
  • Specification of Emission Control Systems

Our consultants have delivered applications for a wide variety of sectors, including combustion, waste, organic chemical, non-organic chemical, surface treatment, anaerobic digestion, pet food manufacture, textile manufacture, metals and mineral activities. This has given us in-depth experience of what the regulatory bodies look for in an application, ensuring delays to your project are avoided by providing the right information with the initial submission.

Why submit Environmental Permit Applications?

The undertaking of certain activities is controlled through the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations and Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations. These require an operator to obtain a permit for their site to ensure the plant does not cause adverse environmental impacts. This process can be both complicated and time consuming. Many companies subsequently engage a consultant to produce the relevant paperwork and reduce the amount of work for themselves.

Redmore Environmental has significant experience of producing Environmental Permit Applications and work pro-actively with our clients to streamline the process, making sure the submission is comprehensive and meets all regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Experts

Our multi-disciplinary team allows us to assign the correct expert to each part of the Environmental Permit Application, whilst producing a coherent submission that covers all necessary areas. We work with you from the initial meeting to ensure the scope is tailored to your specific process, focussing effort on the areas of most risk and screening out less important studies. This controls project resources and simplifies the application, potentially reducing the determination period.

For further information on how we can help you ensure regulatory compliance or to request a quote, please call today or contact us online.

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