As high pollution levels make headlines throughout the UK, the need for air quality monitoring is ever increasing. Whether this be in support of an Environmental Permit Application, a planning submission or regulatory compliance, Redmore Environmental can offer complete testing services for your monitoring requirements.

Air Quality Monitoring Services

Redmore Environmental provides wide ranging air quality monitoring consultancy. These services include:

We undertake all air quality testing in accordance with relevant British Standards and industry best practice guidance. As such, you can have confidence in the accuracy of collected data and that all results will be accepted by the relevant regulatory or reviewing body.

Why undertake Air Quality Monitoring?

The level of atmospheric pollution, such as dust and nitrogen dioxide, in the air we breathe is of increasing concern. Requests for accurate air quality testing are therefore being received for many reasons. These can include proving regulatory compliance with stated emission limits, assessing the suitability of a site for sensitive development or determining potential issues for occupants of new buildings. Due to the level of scrutiny the obtained results are placed under, it is vital you instruct a specialist team to supply the required level of accuracy.

Redmore Environmental has a substantial level of experience in air quality monitoring. As a result, we can develop bespoke ambient or internal surveys to address your specific needs.

Atmospheric Emissions Experts

Redmore Environmental has provided air quality testing to some of the largest industrial operators within the UK. This has included a requirement to determine both emission levels and associated impact on air quality around their sites. We can now use the knowledge gained on these projects, as well as that from smaller baseline nitrogen dioxide monitoring surveys in support of planning applications, to support your aims. Most importantly, this identifies the right monitoring solution to provide you with the results you need.

We tailor the project scope to your specific requirements from initial consultation onwards. Utilising our extensive range of monitoring equipment, we are able to develop and complete bespoke ambient or internal surveys for any project.

We have been involved in a diverse range of projects, from completion of Indoor Air Quality Testing at residential properties and dust monitoring at construction sites, to the development and delivery of complex emissions monitoring programmes at large-scale industrial facilities. We can therefore utilise this knowledge on your project to ensure robust and timely air quality consultancy advice.

Some examples of our successfully delivered air quality testing projects include:

For further information on how we can assist with your air quality monitoring project or to request a quote or proposal, please call today or contact us online.

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