The UK extracts nearly 200 million tonnes of solid mineral each year. With so much material being quarried across the country, dust and other atmospheric emissions can have far reaching impacts on both health and amenity. This can raise local concerns which can be addressed through a detailed Air Quality and Mineral Dust Assessment, ensuring your project can proceed unhindered.

Air Quality Consultancy for the Mineral Sector

Redmore Environmental specialises in providing all areas of air quality consultancy to the mineral sector, including:

Our consultants have delivered a wide range of assessments for the mineral sector in support of both new and existing sites across the UK and Northern Ireland. From site preparation, extraction, land remediation and soil treatment, to the effects of increased traffic flow to the site, our extensive knowledge provides us with the expertise to address any constraints you may be facing.

Why undertake Air Quality and Dust Assessments of Mineral Projects?

Not only does the extraction of mineral create dust, the heavy-duty vehicles used both on and off site can also cause detrimental air quality impacts. These can vary substantially from day to day, depending on the level of activity undertaken on a site and weather conditions in the local area. Air Quality Assessments are therefore required in support of planning applications for the mineral sector to ensure the best possible working practices are applied, and any potential impacts are reduced. This requirement is outlined in the National Planning Practice Guidance, which states that a Dust Risk Assessment is required for any mineral project within 1km of a relevant receptor. The Institute of Air Quality Management have therefore issued guidance on how to complete a Minerals Dust Assessment, as well as potential mitigation measures that can be adopted to control adverse effects to an acceptable level.

Mineral Sector Experts

The Institute of Air Quality Management provide standard industry guidance specifically for Air Quality Assessments for the mineral sector. With a comprehensive understanding of this key document, and a wide range of experience dealing with emissions from mineral sites, the Redmore team is able to give expert advice and provide reports that suit your requirements.

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