Air Quality Assessments in Manchester are a crucial part of the development process. Manchester is now the fastest growing city in the UK. With such growth, comes more people, buildings, vehicles and consequently, an environmental impact, of which air pollution is a main player. Given that poor air quality is now the largest national environmental risk to public health, it is essential that the effect from such soaring growth is managed effectively. At the city scale, this will be through the implementation of Manchester’s Clean Air Plan. The Plan boasts initiatives such as the zero-emission ‘Bee Network’ and the Clean Taxi Fund. However, at the individual development level, this should be managed through sound determination and effective mitigation of air quality impacts. This is why Air Quality Assessments in Manchester are needed.

Air Quality Assessment Services

Our air quality experts specialise in all aspects of air quality consultancy, including:

  • Air Quality Assessments in support of planning applications
  • Air Quality Assessments in support of Environmental Permit applications
  • Air Quality Reports
  • Dispersion Modelling Assessments
  • Odour Assessments
  • Bioaerosol Risk Assessments
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Dust Assessments

We are also able to provide the following for your project:

  • Low Emissions Strategies
  • Air Quality Neutral Assessments
  • Air Quality Positive Statements.
  • Air Quality Damage Costs Assessments
  • Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) reporting and Detailed Assessments
  • Emissions inventories
  • Air quality screening studies
  • D1 Stack Height Assessments
  • Complaint investigation
  • Dust and Odour Management Plans
  • Expert witness services

What are Air Quality Assessments?

Air Quality Assessments in Manchester are now required in support of nearly all planning applications for new developments. Typically, these comprise assessment of three main elements. These are:

  • Potential exposure of future occupiers to harmful pollution levels
  • The impact of emissions from vehicles travelling to and from the scheme
  • The impact of dust emissions generated during construction

Addressing these as part of your application could be the deciding factor for consent or refusal.

Air Quality Assessments in Manchester

Success of your planning application could be aided by Redmore Environmental’s experience of undertaking Air Quality Assessments in Manchester. You will gain advice on planning applications and discharging conditions to addressing consultation responses and public comments. We have produced Air Quality Assessments in Manchester for residential and educational schemes, as well as industrial and commercial facilities. Last year alone, over 500 assessments were completed in support of developments similar to yours.

Across Greater Manchester, we have been involved in a number of exciting projects in the recent years. These include:

  • Medlock Street, Manchester – Demolition of the existing hotel and redevelopment of the site to provide office and commercial spaces, as well as 1,014 purpose built student accommodation units. The scheme was an essential step to tackling the student housing crisis
  • Etihad Campus, Manchester – Erection of a two storey side extension to a former bank to form a training facility for Manchester City Football Club’s Women’s Team. The scheme formed a £10m proposal to integrate women’s football into the heart of Manchester City
  • Mount Road, Gorton – Erection of a youth, sports and community hub, two football pitches, combined netball and basketball court, cricket strip, 36 residential apartments and 267 residential dwellings;
  • Wingates Lane, Westhoughton – Full planning application for a new access, road realignment, altered landform, planting and associated infrastructure for the consented strategic employment development. The project seeks to bring in £100m a year to the Bolton economy
  • Radcliffe Civic Hub, Bury – Redevelopment of Radcliffe Civic Hub to provide a library and learning facilities, office units, wet and dry leisure facilities and an improved public realm area. The proposal will form the centrepiece of Bury’s regeneration project

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