The health effects of elevated pollution levels are increasingly recognised as a significant issue throughout the UK. This has led to greater scrutiny of development proposals and refusal of planning or permitting consent on air quality grounds. A comprehensive Air Quality Assessment can therefore make the difference between the success and failure of your project.

Air Quality Assessment Services

Redmore Environmental specialises in providing all aspects of air quality consultancy, including:

Our consultants have many years’ experience supporting a wide variety of schemes throughout the UK and the rest of the world. We can use this knowledge to identify the most appropriate solution for your project, developing a bespoke Air Quality Assessment to address your site specific needs. This can include dispersion modelling as well as monitoring, with all services delivered by our in-house team. The approach ensures control of the assessment process throughout the project, as well as safeguarding levels of quality.

Why undertake Air Quality Assessments?

Air quality affects us all, with different pollutants causing a multitude of health effects. This has been recognised though various legislative acts, which in turn influence both national and local planning policy, as well as industrial permitting regulations. These have lead to a requirement for Air Quality Assessments in support of development proposals in many locations, both urban and rural. As well as focussing on development related impacts, such as dust release during construction or vehicle exhaust emissions during operation, these can also consider how future users of the site may be exposed to high pollution levels.

Redmore Environmental provide a pragmatic approach to air quality consultancy. This ensures the best possible outcome for our clients whilst addressing all necessary legislative and policy requirements. We use a wide variety of analytical techniques to produce multi-faceted assessments to solve your particular problems.

Atmospheric Emission Experts

Redmore Environmental’s specialist nature guarantees our dedicated team can work with you to produce the most appropriate air quality solution for your site. In addition, our understanding of the planning and permitting regimes can help submissions satisfy all requirements first time and avoid costly delays due to lack of information.

We have been involved in diverse projects, from small scale residential sites in dense urban locations through large retail and multi-disciplinary town centre redevelopments to heavy industry and mineral extraction. This knowledge can now be used on your project to provide robust and timely air quality consultancy advice.

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