Redmore Environmental was founded in Manchester in 2015 with an original remit of supporting land development and industrial sites with air quality needs. The business has since expanded into other complementary services in order to help our clients in a multitude of different areas, including ambient and indoor air quality monitoring, odour and supportive services for environmental permit applications.

We utilise our in-house experience and industry insight to provide innovative solutions in order to address your specific project concerns. Take a look at our case studies page to find out more about the type of assessments we have successfully delivered.

As a highly driven consultancy offering a national service to planners, developers, operators and private individuals, we are committed to providing comprehensive advice in accordance with relevant regulation and policy requirements, delivering the quality and responsiveness that cannot be matched by larger firms.

Meet Our Team

At Redmore Environmental, our specialist environmental consultants are the heart of our business and are dedicated to providing a completely client focussed service, being well aware of the tight programmes you may face.

The breadth of knowledge and experience held by our team is integral in ensuring the best project outcomes are achieved and we will work closely with you from project inception to completion, to ensure efficient and successful delivery.

Learn more about the skills held by our team and how they can help you by clicking here or selecting the image below.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement has been developed to encompass the values of Redmore Environmental. This is incorporated into everything we do and reflects how we wish to serve both our staff and clients:

"Redmore Environmental provides specialist environmental consultancy services to ensure our clients’ projects provide the best financial and environmental outcomes. We aim to become a trusted part of project teams and develop a reputation for high quality advice that matches programme needs.

The company aims to involve all employees in decision making and provide an opportunity to develop within their chosen field by providing freedom to operate as they see fit, whilst managing associated responsibilities. It is an aim to ensure all staff are engaged in the company’s future and can share in the successes it brings.”

Our team here at Redmore Environmental can offer a comprehensive range of air quality and odour services in support your planning or environmental permit application. Please get in touch with one of our dedicated technical consultants to discuss how we can help with any issues you may be facing.