Air Quality during the COVID-19 Lockdown

On 27th March 2020, we provided our initial findings for links between the coronavirus (COVID-19) and air quality during lockdown. Now over three months since the nationwide restrictions were put in place, we explore whether any significant trends can be identified. Air Quality during the COVID-19 Lockdown The COVID-19 pandemic has led to social and … Continued

Business Continuity Assurance

We would like to assure you, a new or existing client, along with all our other stakeholders, that all our Air Quality Consultants at Redmore Environmental are able to fulfil project commitments during the Covid-19 outbreak and will continue to do so during these unprecedented times. This is due to investment in IT infrastructure over … Continued

COVID-19 and Air Quality in the UK

Here at Redmore Environmental, we have been investigating COVID-19 and air quality in the UK and particularly whether current restrictions from the Coronavirus have had any impact on pollution levels to date. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused never before seen changes across extensive geographical areas of the world, bringing parts of travel and the economy … Continued

Addressing Ammonia Assessment in the UK

The requirement for an Ammonia Assessment to be produced in support of planning and environmental permitting applications is on the rise. In this news story we look at the reasons behind this change and the potential impacts on associated industries. Why is Ammonia a Problem? Atmospheric concentrations of harmful pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide and … Continued

The Environment Bill – What Does it Mean for Air Quality Legislation?

On 15 October 2019, the UK Government published the long-awaited final draft of the Environment Bill which aims to reshape environmental regulation and enforcement in the UK following Brexit. The legislation only directly applies to England, with the exception of a small number of provisions that apply to Northern Ireland. However, the government envisions that, … Continued

Pollution Pods for Clean Air Week

Greater Manchester recently hosted its first ever Clean Air Week, from the 17th to the 23rd June 2019, coinciding with national Clean Air Day on the 20th June 2019. In order to mark the event, some of our Consultants headed down to MediaCityUK to visit the Pollution Pods on exhibition. What are the Pollution Pods? … Continued

The Results

We recently undertook an experiment looking into interior air quality within cars owned by eight members of staff here at Redmore Environmental. The results are now in and we’ve been spending some time considering the data alongside a number of factors that may have influenced the findings. The Interior Air Quality Results After a month … Continued

The Experiment

After several team members attended the Routes to Clean Air conference in October 2018, there has been a lot of conversation in the office around one of the key topics discussed during the event – Vehicle Interior Air Quality. This presentation was given by National Air Quality Testing Services (NAQTS) and provided thought-provoking information around … Continued

Wood Burning in the UK – Air Quality Implications

As we slowly start to leave winter behind for another year, we can finally look forward to it being light at seven o’clock in the evening and make the most of the last few weeks of cosying up in front of the log burner. But after months of wood burning within our homes, the impacts … Continued

Medium Combustion Plant Directive Deadline Drawing Closer

Medium Combustion Plant that are installed and operated after the 20th December 2018, a deadline fast approaching, will need to comply with emission limits outlined within the Medium Combustion Plant Directive, implemented by the European Union (EU) in 2015 and recently transposed into UK law. Redmore Environmental have provided answers to commonly raised questions in … Continued