Wood Burning in the UK – Air Quality Implications

As we slowly start to leave winter behind for another year, we can finally look forward to it being light at seven o’clock in the evening and make the most of the last few weeks of cosying up in front of the log burner. But after months of wood burning within our homes, the impacts … Continued

Medium Combustion Plant Directive Deadline Drawing Closer

Medium Combustion Plant that are installed and operated after the 20th December 2018, a deadline fast approaching, will need to comply with emission limits outlined within the Medium Combustion Plant Directive, implemented by the European Union (EU) in 2015 and recently transposed into UK law. Redmore Environmental have provided answers to commonly raised questions in … Continued

Guy Fawkes Night: The Pollution Problem

Guy Fawkes Night returns every year on the 5th November and is celebrated all over the UK, bringing us towering infernos and glorious displays of fireworks all to be witnessed with the delights of sparklers and toffee apples. However, we are quick to forget that the celebration has a tremendous impact on the UK’s air … Continued

Celebrating Success with Spooky Networking Sponsorship

So far it’s been a successful year at Redmore Environmental, and our recent invitation from The Yuppies Club to sponsor their ‘Spooktakular Halloween Party’ only highlights our continued growth as an environmental consultancy. Of course we couldn’t turn the opportunity down and are delighted to announce we will be supporting the event alongside our good … Continued

Kitchen Odour Assessment Guidance Updated

Introduction to Kitchen Odour Assessment Hot food takeaways, restaurants and other premises containing commercial kitchens have potential to cause noise and odour issues from kitchen ventilation exhausts, particularly when located in close proximity to housing and when not well managed or poorly installed. This has led to a requirement for a Kitchen Odour Assessment to … Continued

New BREEAM Guidance Released

Last week saw the launch of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) UK New Construction 2018, which will act to replace the 2014 guidance of the same name with additional opportunities for BREEAM air quality credits. Registrations for the 2014 scheme will close towards the end of March, whilst those currently registered under the … Continued

Novel Air Quality Mitigation Measures Launched

“Clean Air for Everyone” On the 4th September 2015, a seven metre tower was erected in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This acts as a vacuum cleaner for the air, removing harmful pollutants and other contaminants. Today it provides a surrounding park and playground with air that is 75% cleaner than the rest of the city. In the … Continued

New Mineral Dust Assessment Guidance Launched

The Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) has recently launched the new document ‘Guidance on the Assessment of Mineral Dust Impacts for Planning’. After several years of development, a working group of air quality professionals and regulatory bodies have provided new guidelines which provide advice on robust and consistent good-practice approaches to assess the impacts … Continued

Electric Vehicle Update

Electric Vehicles The idea of electric vehicles circulates in the news on a frequent basis, but last year less than 1% of cars sold were electric. Two global companies, Tesla and Google, have been aiming to find ways to make owning an electric vehicle easier and more desirable. The premium electric vehicle company Tesla has … Continued

Alternative to Stricter Emission Targets?

Europe’s car industry has suggested that the entire road infrastructure of Europe should be resurfaced in order to prevent the requirement for mandatory cuts to car emission targets by 2030. Emission Targets Proposal In a document produced by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), which was released to the Guardian newspaper, the association suggested a … Continued