Kitchen Odour Assessment Guidance Updated

Introduction to Kitchen Odour Assessment Hot food takeaways, restaurants and other premises containing commercial kitchens have potential to cause noise and odour issues from kitchen ventilation exhausts, particularly when located in close proximity to housing and when not well managed or poorly installed. This has led to a requirement for a Kitchen Odour Assessment to … Continued

New BREEAM Guidance Released

Last week saw the launch of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) UK New Construction 2018, which will act to replace the 2014 guidance of the same name. Registrations for the 2014 scheme will close towards the end of March, whilst those currently registered under the old scheme will still pursue credits in line … Continued

Novel Air Quality Mitigation Measures Launched

“Clean Air for Everyone” On the 4th September 2015, a seven metre tower was erected in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This acts as a vacuum cleaner for the air, removing harmful pollutants and other contaminants. Today it provides a surrounding park and playground with air that is 75% cleaner than the rest of the city. In the … Continued

New Mineral Dust Assessment Guidance Launched

The Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) has recently launched the new document ‘Guidance on the Assessment of Mineral Dust Impacts for Planning’. After several years of development, a working group of air quality professionals and regulatory bodies have provided new guidelines which provide advice on robust and consistent good-practice approaches to assess the impacts … Continued

Electric Vehicle Update

Electric Vehicles The idea of electric vehicles circulates in the news on a frequent basis, but last year less than 1% of vehicles sold were electric. Two global companies, Tesla and Google, have been aiming to find ways to make owning an electric car easier and more desirable. The premium electric vehicle company Tesla has … Continued

Alternative to Stricter Emission Targets?

Europe’s car industry has suggested that the entire road infrastructure of Europe should be resurfaced in order to prevent the requirement for mandatory car emission cuts by 2030. Proposals In a document produced by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), which was released to the Guardian newspaper, the association suggested a multi-billion euro plan to … Continued

Innovative Public Transport Plans Proposed in Bristol

Bristol Bio-bus A pilot project by operator First West of England has demonstrated the potential of using bioenergy as fuel for public transport. A 40 seater bus, nicknamed the bio-bus, has been running since March 2015 in the EU’s European Green capital, Bristol. The success of this pilot has led to proposals to commission a … Continued

Air Quality: What Changes are upcoming in EU Law?

Strasbourg’s European Commission Plenary Sessions On 27th October a resolution was passed by the European Commission in Strasbourg, committing to stricter diesel emissions testing and investigation of suspected emissions test fraud. This resolution supports the move for real driving emissions (RDE) tests, mentioned in our October article ‘Eliminating Emissions – Diesel and the Euro 6 … Continued

London Local Air Quality Management Framework

Levels of air pollution are worse in London than anywhere in the UK, with levels of nitrogen dioxide exceeding the legal limit somewhere in all of London’s Boroughs. Due to the unique problems associated with pollutant emissions in our capital, the Mayor of London has proposed a new system, the London Local Air Quality Management … Continued

London’s Locals get involved in Air Quality

Public Health England predict that around 3,000 people each year are estimated to die from polluted air in London. The statistic is put into shocking perspective when considering this is London’s second highest cause of death after smoking. However, much of the population is unaware of the seriousness of the UK’s pollution problem. In an … Continued