Redmore Environmental has been involved in a wide variety of projects throughout the length and breadth of the UK. To find out more about the type of assessments we’ve recently delivered then click on the case study links below.

Clifton Business Park, Brighouse

Redmore Environmental was commissioned to undertake an Air Quality Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in support of the Clifton Business Park development on land north of Wakefield Road, Brighouse, West Yorkshire. The proposals comprised the development of 24ha of greenfield land incorporating B2/B8 uses, new access and associated infrastructure. Context Calderdale Council (CC) had issued screening … Continued

GP Plantscape Composting Facility, Blantyre

Redmore Environmental was commissioned to undertake an Odour Abatement Performance Review of existing emission control systems at the GP Plantscape composting facility, Newhousemill Road, Blantyre, Scotland. Two distinct composting operations are undertaken at the facility. Source separated green waste is processed on the southern section of the site using an open air turned windrow system, … Continued

New Hey Road, Huddersfield

Redmore Environmental was instructed to undertake an Air Quality Damage Cost Assessment and associated Dispersion Modelling Study in support of a proposed retail unit on land off New Hey Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The proposals included the demolition of existing structures and construction of a foodstore (Use Class A1) with car parking and landscaping. Air … Continued

Stillingfleet Coal Mine Methane Plant

Redmore Environmental was instructed to undertake an Air Quality Assessment in support of an Environmental Permit Application for a proposed Coal Mine Methane Plant at Stillingfleet Moor, North Yorkshire. What is a Coal Mine Methane Plant? Methane is an organic gas and forms a major component of natural gas, alongside other alkanes. Although commonly associated … Continued

Green Hill Farm, Dymock

Redmore Environmental was commissioned to provide odour control consultancy services in support of a planning application for a proposed abattoir on land at Green Hill Farm, Dymock. The new abattoir will process approximately 20 cattle and 300 sheep a week. Although relatively small in scale compared to permitted facilities, there is the potential for odour … Continued

Alne Material Recycling Facility, York

Redmore Environmental was commissioned to undertake Bioaerosol Monitoring to ensure Environmental Permit Compliance at the Allium Organics In-Vessel Composting (IVC) plant at Alne Material Recycling facility, Forest Lane, York. The plant processes up to 75,000 tonnes of biodegradable material per year. Operations at the facility include reception and preliminary processing of organic feedstocks, followed by … Continued

Heysham, Lancashire

Redmore Environmental was commissioned to undertake Baseline Air Testing on land at a proposed Energy from Waste (EfW) facility in Heysham, Lancashire. The proposed EfW facility will process circa 300,000 tonnes per annum of residual waste in order to generate electricity and heat, which will be exported for use at local commercial and residential premises. … Continued

Court Farm, Much Birch

Redmore Environmental undertook an Air Quality Assessment for on-farm combustion sources at Court Farm, Much Birch, Herefordshire. The project was completed in support of a planning application for the retention of two 995kW biomass boilers within an existing agricultural building. Biomass boilers are an example of an on-farm combustion source and are a popular renewable … Continued

XYZ Building, Spinningfields, Manchester

Redmore Environmental was commissioned to undertake a programme of Indoor Air Quality Monitoring to address credit Hea02 of the BREEAM certification at the newly constructed Allied London XYZ Building in Spinningfields, Manchester. BREEAM and Indoor Air Quality The Building Research Establishment Assessment Method (BREEAM) allows assessment of the environmental, social and economic sustainability performance of … Continued

Anstey Lane, Leicester

Redmore Environmental Ltd was commissioned to undertake an Odour Assessment in support of a residential-led scheme on land off Anstey Lane, Leicester. The proposals included the construction of a five-storey building to house 15 residential units, as well as office space and associated facilities. Background The site is bordered by a bar and grill and … Continued