Emlyn Gardens Estate, White City, London

Air Quality Assesment London

Redmore Environmental was instructed to undertake an Air Quality Assessment in support of a mixed-use development on the Emlyn Gardens Estate, off Warple Way, White City, London. The proposals comprised the erection of part single, part four storey building to provide 14 residential dwellings, offices for the use of Yarrow Housing (Use Class B1) replacement community hall and function room (Use Class D1) and new external playground, following demolition of existing tenants hall and caretakers office.

London Air Quality Assessment

The site was located within an Air Quality Management Area which had been declared due to high pollution levels. The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham therefore required an Air Quality Assessment to determine whether residents would be exposed to unacceptable air quality conditions. An additional Air Quality Neutral Assessment was also requested in accordance with the requirements of the London Plan to ensure the development does not have a negative impact on air quality.

Dispersion Modelling Assessment

ADMS-Roads was utilised to assess the potential exposure of future site users to poor air quality. This involved dispersion modelling of emissions from the main highway network and consideration of the potential for traffic generation as a result of the development. Results indicated that pollution levels would fall within safe standard across the development site.

Air Quality Neutral Assessment

Using guidance developed by the Greater London Authority, a desk-top study was undertaken to determine whether the development would be classed as Air Quality Neutral. The assessment looked at building and transport emissions as a result of the proposals, and compared them to emission baselines provided within the guidance. The results indicated an acceptable level of predicted emissions and deemed the development in accordance with the London Plan.


Following submission of the Air Quality Assessment, the report was accepted by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham’s Environmental Health Officer, and the development has since received planning consent.

Need Advice?

If you are concerned about air quality issues associated with your development, or how to address the Air Quality Neutral requirements of the London Plan, then get in touch today for advice on any works that may be necessary.

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