Cartsdyke Court, Inverclyde

Inverclyde Dispersion Modelling Assessment

Redmore Environmental was instructed to undertake a Dispersion Modelling Assessment in support of a proposed energy centre at Cartsdyke Court, Greenock, Inverclyde. The scheme included the provision of three 60kW biomass boilers in a self-contained biocabin to produce renewable heat for an existing residential apartment block. This would replace the existing diesel boilers, reducing the carbon footprint of the site.

Inverclyde Dispersion Modelling Assessment

Concerns had been raised by Inverclyde Council over potential air quality impacts associated with atmospheric emissions from combustion of biomass within the development. Redmore Environmental therefore undertook dispersion modelling using ADMS-5 to quantify changes in pollution levels at sensitive locations within the vicinity of the site during operation of the boilers. The assessment was complicated due to the elevated nature of residential units on the apartment block, which were situated above the height of the energy centre flues leading to potential plume impact prior to sufficient dispersal. This issue was addressed through the inclusion of specific points within the model, as well as local terrain information, to ensure all receptors were appropriately assessed.

The results of the Dispersion Modelling Assessment indicated the operation of the proposed biomass boilers would not significantly affect local air quality. This included impacts at the residential units on the existing apartment block. The report was subsequently used to support the planning application for the development, as well as inform the detailed design of the biocabin and associated stacks.

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