Fulham Palace Road, London

Fulham Air Quality Assessment

Redmore Environmental produced an Air Quality Assessment in support of the planning application for a mixed use development consisting of 29 apartments, 410m2 of retail floor space and associated parking on land off Fulham Palace Road. The proposals were to provide new premises for an existing convenience store with residential units above in a highly desirable area of west London.

Fulham Air Quality Assessment

The site was located within an Air Quality Management Area, which had been declared by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham due to high pollution levels. There were therefore concerns that the development could result in the exposure of future occupants to exceedences of the relevant air quality standards and an Air Quality Assessment was subsequently requested in support of the planning application for the scheme.

In order to quantify pollutant concentrations across the site, a dispersion model was produced using the ADMS-Roads software package. This utilised information on traffic flow, fleet composition and speeds, as well as meteorological conditions, surface land use characteristics and background air quality conditions, to predict emission dispersion and define pollutant levels at specified locations.

The results of the assessment indicated poor air quality at the development site. This information was subsequently utilised to define suitable mitigation in the form of mechanical ventilation and associated filtration in accordance with the requirements of the Institute of Air Quality Management guidance ‘Land-Use Planning & Development Control: Planning for Air Quality’. Following the identification of the relevant control measures the site was considered suitable for the proposed end use and the report was accepted in support of the planning application for the scheme.

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