Ellough Embedded Generators, Suffolk

Redmore Environmental was commissioned to undertake an Air Quality Assessment in support of an embedded generator set consisting of 46 biodiesel engines on land off Benacre Road, Ellough, Suffolk. These will act as a backup electricity generating station and operate during peak periods to supply power to the National Grid.

The planning application for the scheme had been submitted and a consultation response from the Environmental Health Officer at Waveney District Council indicated concerns over the potential air quality impacts associated with emissions from the engines. We were subsequently engaged to provide an Air Quality Assessment within an agreed short timescale for delivery due to the late receipt of the consultation response and related delay to the proposals.

Dispersion modelling of emissions from the plant was undertaken using the ADMS-5 software package. This quantified ground level pollution concentrations using data on predicted release rates, operational periods, exhaust gas temperature and flow rate, building geometries and land use characteristics. Emissions from a number of other industrial facilities, including a biomass boiler and anaerobic digestion plant, were also included within the analysis to determine cumulative effects associated with all major pollution sources in the area. Impacts at both human and ecological receptors were considered due to the proximity of the site to a number of different sensitive designations.

The results of the assessment indicated the engines would not cause significant impacts at any sensitive location in the vicinity of the site and the report was used to support the planning application for the scheme.

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