Air Quality Assessment – Bedminster Green, Bristol

Air Quality Assessment Bedminster

Redmore Environmental was instructed to undertake three Air Quality Assessmentin support of planning applications being brought forward by Dandara Living as part of the wider Bedminster Green Regeneration Area. The sites comprised the following:

  • Plot 4, Stafford Yard, Bedminster – Proposed demolition of the existing buildings and redevelopment to provide two new buildings comprising 295 residential apartments including flexible gym, flexible activity space, concierge and residents lounge with associated landscaping, public realm, bin storage, plant areas and cycle parking;
  • Plot 4b, Little Paradise Public Car Park – Redevelopment of the site to provide a multi storey car park; and,
  • Plot 5, Bedminster Green – Proposed demolition of the existing buildings and redevelopment to provide three new buildings comprising 330 residential apartments, ancillary residential areas, commercial space, landscaping, public realm and parking.

Bedminster Air Quality Assessment

The sites are located within an Air Quality Management Area declared by Bristol City Council due to high pollution levels. Air Quality Assessments were therefore undertaken to determine whether the proposals would expose future residents to poor air quality, as well as cause air quality impacts during the construction and operational phases. Potential impacts for each development were considered on an individual and cumulative basis, taking account of a number of further developments located within the Bedminster Green Regeneration Area.

Assessment Methodology and Findings

Dust Emissions

Large developments can cause adverse impacts through release of fugitive dust emissions during construction works. As such, construction dust risk assessments were completed as part of each assessment. The impacts associated with demolition, earthworks, construction and trackout activities were considered in accordance with the relevant Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) guidance. Due to the close proximity of the developments, impacts of each development being constructed concurrently were considered. Based on the outcome of the risk assessment, site-specific dust control measures were provided. These were identified in order to reduce dust emissions to an acceptable level during construction.

Vehicle Exhaust Emissions

Dispersion modelling using ADMS-Roads software was also undertaken. This determined impacts caused by traffic exhaust emissions associated with vehicles travelling to and from each development at existing sensitive receptor locations.

Emissions associated with vehicle movements within the proposed car park were included within the dispersion model using the methodology provided by Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC). This considered the dimensions of the car park to ensure releases throughout the relevant structures were included in the results.

Following consultation with Bristol City Council, committed development impacts from Energy Centres associated with Plot 1 and Plot 2 of the Bedminster Green Regeneration area were considered. This ensured that all additional emissions were assessed. The results indicated that nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 10µm (PM10) and particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 10µm (PM2.5) concentrations as a result of each of the proposed developments were negligible at these locations.

Resident Exposure to Poor Air Quality

The proposals had the potential to expose future occupants to poor air quality within the residential developments. The modelling results indicated that predicted concentrations of all pollutants were below the relevant UK Air Quality Objectives. Based on the assessment results, each site was considered to be suitable for the proposed end-use from an air quality perspective.

How Can We Help?

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