Redmore Environmental was founded in Manchester in 2015 to provide expert environmental advice on projects throughout the UK. The company is privately owned, with an original remit of supporting land development and industrial sites with air quality needs, the business has expanded into complementary services to help our clients in a multitude of different areas.

We are dedicated to providing a completely client focussed service, being well aware of the tight programmes you face. With a wealth of in-house experience and industry insight, we produce innovative solutions to your complex problems. We have experience in all sectors, from residential and retail, to energy and waste, this ensures we can utilise our previously gained knowledge to address your specific issues.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement has been developed to encompass the values of Redmore Environmental. This is incorporated into everything we do and reflects how we wish to serve both our staff and clients:

“Redmore Environmental provides specialist environmental consultancy services to ensure our clients’ projects provide the best financial and environmental outcomes. We aim to become a trusted part of project teams and develop a reputation for high quality advice that matches programme needs.

The company aims to involve all employees in decision making and provide an opportunity to develop within their chosen field by providing freedom to operate as they see fit, whilst managing associated responsibilities. It is an aim to ensure all staff are engaged in the company’s future and can share in the successes it brings.”